Jeremy Johnson

Co-Founder & President of Undergraduate Programs, 2U

Jeremy Johnson is the co-founder and President of Undergraduate Programs at 2U, where he has worn many hats, including Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, since the company was founded in 2008. With the exception of a brief (and ultimately misguided) foray into politics during college, Jeremy is a lifelong technology entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging the interwebs to advance and enhance the way people interact. He founded his first company, a marketplace for virtual currency, at 15 and his second, a social network around the college admissions process, at 21 while a student at Princeton University. Having raised funding contingent on him taking time off to run it, he left Princeton to pursue the venture and, two years later, negotiated its acquisition by Zinch.

Outside of 2U, Jeremy is a friend and lover of all things “start-up.”

He serves on the board of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an organization which seeks to combat youth unemployment and underemployment through entrepreneurship, and is an active angel investor and advisor to a small, select group of technology ventures on both coasts. He has lectured at Princeton, Pace, Harvard, and Fordham, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and CNBC.

Finally, an avid foodie, Jeremy may be the best possible person to ask for a restaurant recommendation. If he isn’t working late into the night with his (incredible) team, he can likely be found exploring the culinary landscape of whatever strange land he finds himself in.

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